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My secret social media weapon

No, I'm not online 24/7

How I do a lot of posts in very little time.
Since I have been getting a lot of questions about how much time I spend on Twitter, because I post stuff two to three times a day, I thought I’d give a little insight in my process. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t spend my entire day on Twitter (or any other social platform, for that matter.)
In the past I would find stuff that I thought was worth sharing, share it and move on for the day. The result was a semi daily barrage of tweets at...

The Digital side of parenting

Babies! Yes! I’m a dad now and it’s all about babies these days. This blogpost is about the digital side of the new household situation. There is a lot more planning involved when it comes to daily operations in the house, so I’m going to talk about the apps I use to manage, track, notify, listen to, view and store everything that has to do with my new baby girl. Now keep in mind that for the apps that I use, there are alternatives. I haven’t done a lot of testing because, to be honest,...

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